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We are a group of engineers with many years of experience in designing and producing tools, which combined with our passion for photography and filming results in ingenious solutions. We are not afraid of any challenges and undertake even the most ambitious projects. We focus on constant development and unique solutions.



Are you ready for SMOVE?

We have many years of experience in the construction of precise equipment, which in combination with our passion for video filming results in amazing solutions characterized by high quality and functionality.

We care for our customers

Apart from a standard guarantee, we also offer customer support. Do you have an idea for and upgrade/improvement? Write to us! We are eager to improve our equipment to our customers’ requirements. Do you need an accessory which is not on the market or is too expensive in the competition’s offer? Write to us! We will gladly design and build it for you!

We always put quality first

Our equipment is aimed at professionals, as well as amateur enthusiasts. The high quality of materials and precise workmanship ensure longevity of equipment in professional applications. A reasonable price gives enthusiasts an opportunity to equip themselves with professional accessories.



PHOTOBOOTHS have been an absolute hit at parties in recent years. The device is simple to operate, attractive for the users, characterized by high quality of workmanship and very short time required to develop the photos.




Dynamic development of video filming using DSLR cameras creates a need for additional, specialized accessories, including stabilizers, such as: Stedicam FLIER and Rig ARM. Our serial sales offer includes the following constructions: Flier (stedicam) and three versions of the Arm (RIG), Jib (light film crane). Hex (flying hexacopter). Fbox (photobooth). Currently we are working on the development of a camera slider, focus regulator (follow focus), and automatic panoramic mount head and electric head for the JIB



Equipment design

Do you have an idea for filming support accessories? Contact us, we will be glad to help! We will design the accessories with your cooperation. And if we introduce them for serial sale, you can count on a share in profits!

Implementation of modifications

Do you have equipment which requires modification?
- we will modify your accessories according to your guidelines,
- we modify competitors’ equipment,
- we also modify amateur/home made equipment.


Do you own equipment, which you don’t know how to operate? We will conduct training in the operation of our accessories. You will learn the process of balancing and smooth adjustment. How to work ergonomically so as to not get tired quickly.


Do you need equipment only occasionally? You don’t have to buy it! You can rent it from us. Use the form provided under the contact tab.

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